Careers at Nomic Foundation

Our users are building the decentralized future

The Nomic Foundation is a non-profit advancing the Ethereum ecosystem. We build runtimes, compilers, build systems, and deployment solutions that are used by tens of thousands of users. Our focus is on empowering developers to decentralize the world. You can help.

Why join Nomic

Your impact

At Nomic, every person makes a difference. You will clearly see the impact that you contribute to our mission and Ethereum itself. Your team’s top-level results will be meaningfully different due to your contributions, and you will be able to pinpoint the exact contribution you made to upgrading a nascent industry’s stack.

Deep technical challenges

We tackle deep developer infrastructure projects that are usually only available in larger organizations. We build runtimes and compilers used by tens of thousands of users.

Mission-driven value creation

Your contributions will directly impact an ecosystem that is shaping the future of finance, data, and ownership. You won’t be working on optimizing a revenue stream to increase shareholder profits; you’ll create value for the Ethereum community and developer ecosystem.

Lean and robust

We run robust engineering practices and lightweight processes that provide us with structure and fast decision-making. Your time will be spent on technical challenges, coding, and launching features.

Our values

Crypto & Ethereum belief

We believe in blockchain technology as a force for change that will produce meaningful value for society through innovation. We believe in Ethereum as a movement and technology, and we are aligned with its values. We actively participate in the community, and we aim to contribute to the long-term growth of the ecosystem.

Social Impact

We care about creating value for the world and Ethereum’s community in a meaningful way.

Developer Experience

We consider a smooth building experience essential for ecosystem growth, and we take pride and pleasure in making software easier to build.

Time is Precious

We are respectful of people's time, including that of our users, the Ethereum community, external contributors, and our own team members and organization. Aiming for fast and efficient is our default.

High Standards

We aim to take the hard path without compromising quality or losing our sense of pragmatism.

Level Up

We always try to improve at all levels: individually, in our projects, and as a team. Beginner's mindset.

Instigate Change

When we see room for improvement, we point it out and seek iteration, even if it's outside our direct responsibilities or areas of expertise.


To create space for deep focus, schedule flexibility, and effective async remote collaboration, we strive for autonomy in how we approach work and collaboration.


We value and only hire people who embody respect, compassion, empathy, and kindness.


We are an impact-driven remote team of 16 individuals coming from different walks of life. We look for alignment on mission and values as key aspects when we hire.

Our team is fully remote, and we hire within UTC+2 to UTC-4 time zones. We work asynchronously and autonomously, relying on trust and great communication. This allows everyone to create a working schedule that integrates well with other important aspects of their lives. Hiring across many countries allows us to naturally integrate diverse perspectives.
10 countries
11 nationalities
13 languages
Team Retreats
While we love remote, time together in person is really important. Twice a year, we set aside about a week for our in-person retreats. We've had great times in places like Malaga, Patagonia, and Tuscany. During these trips we focus on work that’s well-suited for being in person, but we also have fun! Expect some hiking, yoga, kayaking, cooking, and even wine tasting. These retreats help us bond, share experiences, and build deeper relationships with one another.


Remote and flexible working arrangements
Unlimited PTO
Stipend to set up your home office
Annual learning & development budget
Vesting ETH package in your comp

Join us

Open Positions

Hiring Process

Week 1
Week 2
  • Application
  • Intro call
  • Technical Screen
  • Project Review
  • Architecture
  • Coding
  • Leaderships Interviews
  • Offer
  • Reference Checks


The core interviews take about 2 weeks, followed by the offer and reference checks stage.

We hire within UTC+1 to UTC-4 time zones. Although we work asynchronously, hiring in these time zones allows for 3-4 hours of overlap between team members.

If you’re reading this you’re on your way there! We encourage you to get familiar with Nomic and our core values. Additionally, looking into our open source projects will give you an idea of what we are building. Once you get invited to interview with us, our talent team will share more information about the interviews, what to expect, and how to prepare.

We use Deel to employ team members internationally.

Our workflow is based around asynchronous collaboration, relying heavily on written communication through Slack and Notion to maximize the time engineers spend on deep, uninterrupted, focused work. On Mondays, we kick off each week with a short team call. Every 2 weeks we schedule an unstructured team social, and we meet in person twice a year.

Our teams are small, up to 4-5 people each. All engineers. We have team leads who also write code. The Engineering team is led by the Head of Engineering.

We loosely follow Scrum and OKRs for quarterly and yearly planning.

Ethereum has a need for meaningful effort on public goods, and the non-profit model allows for a clean set of incentives that align well with the interests of the ecosystem. In addition to that, the open-source projects we focus on aren’t great business opportunities. Organizations that build similar projects tend to be very large (big tech) and they do so to support their core businesses, rather than to make money off these projects.

We are backed by contributions from community members who recognize the essential role of developer experience in advancing Ethereum as a platform for software development.

It mirrors the early-stage tech startup world, but with different incentives, motivations, and definitions of non-financial success.

The ultimate goal is impact and not profit, that’s the only difference.